"Uncommon Journeys for the Active Traveler"

Discover the Art of Active Travel

             Travel is a unique gift.

 It offers the chance to follow one’s dreams,

               challenging boundaries.

Each journey is a sacred sojourn inward

               as well as out into the world;

every quest taking on a rhythm of its own.




Travel is the catalyst to disintegrate barriers,

           honor diversity and respect differences;

 experiences that stretch the spirit as well as the body

           and foster a reverence for the kinship for all of life.


                      Come explore the spirit of the earth…


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Horseback Riding in Uruguay

Individual Custom Journeys


Dream of a destination, choose your companions and pick your travel dates, we'll take care of the rest!  We'll arrange the customized journey of a lifetime just for you!



Machu Picchu October 2011

Scheduled Group Departures


Traveling alone or want to join a group?  Our scheduled departures are designed to bring you and a small group of like-minded travelers within an arm's reach of the nature and culture of each destination in the company of 8 - 14 other adventurers.