In the Spirit of Adventure & Discovery

         Since we founded NatureQuest in 1992, our journeys have been based upon one simple conviction and one heartfelt mission.  We believe that there is an undeniable magic to personally-involving, adventurous, small group expeditions that immerse one in the treasures of each carefully chosen destination.  Our mission steadfastly remains that of encouraging a love and understanding of this planet through responsible travel.


    It is our belief that, as adventure travelers, we all share the rare opportunity to have a positive impact on our destinations.  We feel that learning as much as possible about each land, its people and rich culture helps us to fully understand the global puzzle.  We believe that it is through close encounters, we learn to care about the people we meet, minimizing our differences and deepening our respect.  Only through education and personal involvement can the pristine areas and rare cultures of our planet remain intact.


      Our innovative itineraries and rare experiences with each culture offer a unique view of the planet not possible with larger tours.  We strive to provide the utmost in quality, spontaneity and personal attention with truly intimate contact with each land and its people. 

Greg Malver & Cari Ann Sample-Malver


     Greg and Cari have been in the travel industry for more than twenty-five years and have traveled extensively throughout the world.  Based on their passion for travel and a desire to help in fostering a love and respect for the many peoples and environments of the world, Cari and Greg founded the adventure travel company, NatureQuest in 1992 dedicated to responsible travel worldwide.  For the past 20 years, they and their company have offered a variety of uncommon journeys around the world designed for active travelers.


        Cari is also an award winning weaver trained in the Rio Grande tradition of weaving unique to the Southwest.  This style of the art was brought to Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado by the Spanish settlers in the 16th century.  Rio Grande weaving is a result of the interweaving of the Spanish, Mexican native and local Indian pueblo weaving cultures.  Cari is passionate about weaving and exposing others to the many forms of this fiber art around the world.  In addition to leading our textile expeditions, she teaches weaving classes here at home.