Loom Dancer Weaving Odysseys

"Weaving together uncommon journeys with hands-on experience"

Weavers in Chahuaytire, Peru

Cari Ann Sample-Malver, Founder and President of NatureQuest, is an accomplished weaver trained in the Rio Grande tradition of weaving unique to the Southwest where she makes her home.  Based on her love of travel and passion for weaving, she wanted to combine the two interests.   


Loom Dancer Weaving Odysseys is a natural spin-off for NatureQuest focusing on the rich textile traditions of this world.  There are so many wonderfully diverse styles of global fiber art to discover and explore.  Therefore, each year we offer several journeys that focus on and explore the various weaving centers of the world for adventurous weavers.  These odysseys offer the exploration of colorful destinations combined with an opportunity for a "hands-on" weaving experience in the style and tradition of that country.  We invite you to join us for rich tapestry of experiences.


Please visit our website at www.loomdancerodysseys.com.