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Angkor Wat in Cambodia


Indochina... Some of Asia's least traveled countries are some of the richest in cultural experience and stunning natural beauty.  They welcome visitors with a rare warmth, gentle grace and resilient spirit.


New Zealand ...  an enchanted realm with some of the world's most spectacular alpine and coastal scenery.  Majestic mountains, mysterious fjords, ancient rainforests, glaciated peacks and deserted beaches await the adventurer.


Borneo... Nature lovers will be in heaven here in this unspoiled natural utopia far removed in both time and space from modern living.  The wildlife is prolific and aften somewhat bizarre including the bearded pig, wild orangutan, barking deer and Sumatran rhino.


Australia... The geographical diversity of this country makes it an adventurer's paradise.  From massive mountains to brilliant coral reefs, the active travel possibilities are countless.



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