Don't Take Our Word For It!

To us at NatureQuest, you are not only our customers, but our partners in

eco-adventure travel as well.  We recognize that we are dealing

with your dreams and appreciate your confidence in us.


Now that you have had a chance to read about all of

our unique expeditions, we'd like to share with you

some of the feedback we've received over the years.



Our Guides

"When you said Steve as one of the finest guides in the province, you didn't exaggerate!  I've taken a lot of cruises, tours, etc., and this was one of the nicest I've ever taken.  I've wanted to see the polar bears for twenty years - this was a dream come true."



"Chris is a joy.  His love for the Thai people and pride in sharing them with us really added to my enjoyment of the trip."

~Danna R.


"We were quite frankly overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and expertise of our guides.  They did an exccellent job of expanding our knowledge of Baja in a humorous and intelligent way.  They both brought something special to us - Steve's incredible knowledge of the flora/fauna during the day and Morgan's star/planet searches in the evening.  Thanks for an uplifting experience - it was the best!"

~Leon S.


"Thanks for being a great leader in Peru.  We really enjoyed the group and the whole trip... Thanks again for Loom Dancer Odyssey to Peru.  I thought you did a stellar job throughout.

~ Patt S & Matthew C.


About Our Service

"It was wonderful - again! You did a great job of figuring out how to catch me up to the group when I was delayed by weather - very much appreciated."

~ Lucinda S.


"NatureQuest is the best travel outfitter we've ever dealt with - fast, clear, cooperative, dependable.  You were super!  We really appreciate your upbeat attitude."

~ Steve & Ruthana C.


"Thanks for the seamless preparation provided by NatureQuest.  We had an epic time on our kayak trip."

~ Shirley P.


"We really appreciated all your work on our month-long trip.  We will certainly recommend NatureQuest to all our friends!"

~ Paul G.

About the Experience

"NatureQuest is no fantasy - you made my dream come true.  A simple wish became an exotic adventure that was accessible, rather than exhausting.  I consider NatureQuest to be the ticket to life!"

~ Tari L.


"My trip was incredible!!  It was always my dream of mine to see Machu Picchu and the Amazon.  It couldn't have turned out better.  Thanks for everything.  It was exactly what I wanted and needed!"

~ Lisa A.


"Thank you for the BEST AFrican experience ever!  Getting within ten feet of lions and swimming right up to Victoria Falls was fantastic.  You did a great job with every detail.  We truly felt pampered in the wild.  The trip was a dream come true."

~ Lori R.