Explore at Your Own Pace

We realize that everyone's idea of adventure can be quite different.

That's why each and every one of our destinations offers several types and levels of activity, physical challenge, and accommodations.  This selection enables each individual to travel at their own pace, within their personal comfort limits.

Hiking the Inca Ruins at Pisac

Trip Grading System

We have assigned a grade to each journey that describes

the level of physical activity and accommodation involved to help you

evaluate the physical demands of each itinerary.



GRADE 1:  Easy walking/hiking; no camping.  Average health is suggested.


GRADE 2:  Remote area; easy to moderae hiking; no wilderness camping

                 (tented safari camps only).  Medical attention may not be readily

                 available.  Godd health is suggested.


GRADE 3:  Moderate activity; camping.  Suitable for most travelers in good

                 physical condition.  Average health is required.


GRADE 4:  Fast paced; moderate to strenuous activity; may involve camping.

                 Good fitness is required.


GRADE 5:  Fast paced with extensive outdoor adventure; camping;

                strenuous activity.  Requires excellent fitness and stamina.